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Location Japón
Company PhytoChrome

The objective of the experiment was to quantify the effect on the yield in the soybean crop of the Alfredo Iñesta work protocol. This consisted of a seed treatment and the foliar application of Nobrico Star.

Crop Oleaginous

Effectiveness trial in soyabean

Trial design


The company PhytoChrome proposed this trial to know first-hand the effect of the Nobrico Star Biostimulant product in soybean cultivation.

Trial design

2 test sectors of 24m2 (6x4m) each were delimited:

1. The control area where the usual practices in soy cultivation recommended by the technicians of the area were used.

2. The area treated with Alfredo Iñesta products where the usual practices in soy cultivation recommended by the technicians of the area were used together with the recommended protocol of Alfredo Iñesta products.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended protocol and compare the control area with the treated area, they were measured the following parameters: Number of pods: The pods from each test sector were harvested and counted. Total grain weight: The pods from each sector were harvested and counted, after the total grains were shelled and weighed. Weight of 100 grains: 100 grains selected at random from each sector were weighed.


In the test sector treated with Alfredo Iñesta products, the number of pods was increased by 37.84% compared to the control.The increase in this parameter was linked to an increase in the quality of the pods, since the total weight of grains It also increased in the Alfredo Iñesta sector, being 27.16% higher compared to the control. Therefore, we can affirm that the seed treatment and Nobrico Star applications had an impact on an increase in crop yield.