The list of external threats that your crops face every day is endless: fungi, bacteria, pest attacks, nematodes in the soil ... but luckily nature is wise and has endowed your plants with a series of mechanisms that They help them resist and recover from those attacks that put your harvest at risk. The effectiveness of these defence mechanisms, as in humans, depends on the quality of their nutrition.






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The value of HEALTHY SOIL

The water and nutrients that make up the soil are essential: they guarantee growth and nourish the crops planted by the grower. In addition, the millions of microorganisms living in fertile soil are beneficial to the roots of plants growing in them. Therefore, the maintenance of soil health is crucial to the good development of agriculture.

With healthy soil, crops can grow more efficiently, with a lower environmental impact, and more profitably. Thanks to the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms, our soil is full of life, preventing harmful microorganisms from taking hold.